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1developmentduring the new product development phase, state-of-the-art tools like rapid prototyping technologies, computer aided solidification simulation and computer aided design are used to determine the optimal process parameters to make the requested part feasible as per customer metallurgical and dimensional requirements.

2mould/tooling:the tooling is built to customer-provided drawings, 3d-models and specifications. the shrink factors depends on the process and the materials used. they are unique for every foundry.

3) ceramic cores:ceramic cores may be used to form specific internal cavities of the pattern. they represent a big part of our know-how and are produced internally.

4) wax injection: to produce a wax reproduction (wax pattern) of the customer supplied part number the tool is injected with specially-formulated wax.

5) cluster assembly: once the wax patterns are produced, they are assembled onto the gating system and sprue  to form a cluster.

6)shell building:this process is repeated (shell layers) until the shell is thick enough to withstand the following process steps.

7) dewaxing(autoclave/flashfiring)

8) mould insulation

9)pre heat



12)knockout and cutoff


14)heat treatment / hip (hot isostatic pressure)

15)inspection: to check the soundness of the castings they are inspected by several nondestructive testing like x-ray, fluorescent penetrant inspection (fpi), grain morphology, crystallographic orientation (just for sc).

to check if dimensional requirements are reached, different procedures are applied like 3d mechanical scanning , 3d optical scanning or special gauges.

wall thickness on hollowed part are also checked by ultra sonic control.

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