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    the characteristics of the gas turbine blade is that will be opened in the front of the blade of a plurality of nozzles cooling holes corresponding to the burner in the rotational direction of the vortex, the tip side to side of the wheel hub, from the upstream side see near the left and the right side is arranged on a line.
    ni alloy is the main material used in the manufacture of gas turbine blades and guide vanes. nickel alloys used in gas turbine manufacturing industry usually have high endurance strength, fatigue strength and durable plastic properties, and the structure and mechanical properties are highly stable at the working temperature of gas turbine unit. however, the stability of most ni alloys under the conditions of sulfide and chloride corrosion is not enough. theoretical analysis in resection of grinding grain and the interaction mechanism of material surface, the experimental research on abrasive belt grinding material of gas turbine blades of 0cr17ni4cu4nb, systematic analysis of the grinding process parameters on the material excision rate were discussed. the study on production practice with theoretical guidance.
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